Dear NBA, What’s up with the all the Blowouts?

The NBA Season is just a week old and already, we’ve seen two colossal blowouts. The first being the Mavericks 124-73 victory over the Clippers, and the second being last nights game between the Bucks and Heat where the Bucks won 144-97. Victories of this magnitude are rare in the NBA, so it’s crazy to see two such games in just a weeks time.

The Mavericks 51 point victory was the 30th largest margin of victory of all-time, and the Bucks hit an NBA record 29 three pointers on their way to a 47 point victory.

So just how rare are these 40 point blowouts?

In the 2019 season, there wasn’t a victory of 40 points or more until the season was nearly a month old, when the Clippers beat the Hawks 150-101. In 2018 the results were similar. There wasn’t a victory of 40 points or more until a month into the season when the Nuggets defeated the Hawks 138-93.

So, as you see, it’s pretty rare to see two such blowouts so close together, and so early in the season. Even more strange, is who the blowouts happened to: the Clippers and the Heat. These are two very good teams. The Clippers were a game away from the Western Conference Finals last year and the Heat made it all the way to the NBA Finals.

I know, the Clippers were missing Kawhi Leonard, but still, is Kawhi’s absence really big enough to lead to one of the worst losses of all-time? Seeing as how he rested for a large portion of the season last year and they never lost by 50 or more points I’d say no; no it does not.

Besides those massive blowouts, the NBA has seen it’s fair share of non-competitive games this season. If you tuned in to watch any of the NBA’s 5 games on Christmas day then you saw an average victory margin of nearly 24 points! Last night the average margin of victory in the 10 games that were played was 16.

So, needless to say, something strange is going on, and I’m not the only one that’s noticed. A simple Twitter search of ‘NBA Blowouts’ garnered thousands of tweets about the strange phenomenon that has been happening this season:

So what’s going on? Why have there been so many uneven games this year? Is it the big gap in the offseason that the non-bubble teams had? Is it the lack of a gap in the offseason that the Bubble teams had? Is it just an extension of the madness that is 2020? Will it suddenly end after the New Year?

Who knows.

Whatever it is, I don’t like it, and I hope we return to consistently competitive basketball some time soon!

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