THIS JUST IN: Tom Brady Still Has More To Prove

As far as the NFL goes, Tom Brady has quite literally done it all. He’s been to the super bowl 9 times and won it 6. He’s got nearly every record you can have as far as wins go. He’s got the most touchdown passes ever. Yet, the doubters have remained.

They have always said it was Belichick who was responsible for the Patriots success, not Brady.

After 20 years, Brady finally put that theory to the test.

He left New England for the sunny beaches of Tampa Bay, Florida, and went from the most successful franchise ever, to the most woeful. How did it turn out?

Well, he’s gone on to break the Buccaneers single season touchdown pass record, and lead the team to their first playoff birth in over a decade. The Patriots on the other hand, have missed the playoffs for the first time since 2008, which was the year that Brady suffered a season ending injury in the first game.

It would seem that this would be enough to prove once and for all that Tom Brady was the “it factor” in all those years of dominance for the Patriots, but to the doubters, it’ll never be enough. It doesn’t matter that Bill Belichick was a below average coach before Brady took over in 2001.

It’s all just a big coincidence. He’s lucky, that’s all.

The mental gymnastics that are required to try and downplay Brady’s success are quite astonishing, but the doubters continue to try. Just tune in to whatever-the-hell show Nick Wright is on and you’ll hear all of the “ifs, ands, or buts” you can imagine.

Brady’s lack of weapons in 2019 wasn’t an excuse for his average year, he was just washed. However, now that he’s playing at a top-tier level again, his success is only due to his weapons. Yet, Patrick Mahomes, who has the best tight end in the league and arguably the best wide receiver, gets full credit for his success.

Tom Brady comes back from down 17 to the Falcons and he gets flack for struggling against the blitz in the first-half, despite the fact that he went on to throw for over 300 yards in the second-half and win the game.

Let Patrick Mahomes struggle against that same Falcons team a week later though, and you hear nothing of it from the Anti-Brady Brigade and their leader, Nick Wright.

Oh well, the best part about being a Tom Brady fan is that it’s easy. No matter what people say, he will always prove them wrong, and prove you (the fan), right. He’s already accomplished everything you could dream of, yet, at the age of 43, he continues to push the bar higher.

Whether or not they win the super bowl this year is irrelevant. The season is already a complete success for the goat.

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