Russell Westbrook Has Done the Unthinkable… Is it Enough to Win MVP?

Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 point game; Bill Russell’s 11 rings; Oscar Robertson’s 41 triple-doubles in a season; these are 3 records that were thought to be unbeatable. Well, records are made to be broken, and last night, one of those “unbeatable” records was matched.

When Kevin Durant left the Thunder in the offseason he shocked the NBA world. The season before, the Thunder were one game away from their second NBA Finals appearance, yet Durant joined the team that beat them: the Golden State Warriors. No one really knew how OKC would respond to the big loss, but what they did know, was that Russell Westbrook would do everything in his power to help them win.

He’s gone a step further.

Russell Westbrook will become only the second player in NBA history to average a triple-double at the seasons end. He also tied the record for most triple-doubles in a season last night against the Blazers, as he cruised to his 41st triple-double. He has 5 more games to break the record, which he will undoubtedly do, but will it be enough to win the MVP?

He’s been the best player this season, no question, but OKC’s record doesn’t necessarily turn any heads. In the past the MVP has usually gone to a player on the 1 or 2 seeded team, but Westbrook’s dominance could be too much for them to ignore.

Whether or not he wins the MVP is to be seen, but even if he doesn’t, no one can take history away from him. Oscar’s record stood for 55 years, giving him that immortality that pro athletes long for, and now Russell Westbrook has his own piece of immortality.



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