Derrick Rose Can’t Catch a Break…

In 2011 Derrick Rose was on top of the basketball world. In only his 3rd season in the NBA, he averaged 25 ppg, nearly 8 assists, and led the Bulls to the #1 seed in the East. He would win the MVP, becoming the youngest player in league history to do so at the ripe age of 22. The Bulls would lose the Conference Finals to LeBron’s Bulls, but the season would leave Bulls fans hopeful for a very bright future. Unfortunately, that would be the peak of Derrick Rose.

The following season would be much of the same for Rose and the Bulls who went an NBA best 50-16 in the lockout season. The rest is history. Derrick Rose would come down hard on his left foot in the first round of the playoffs, needing help off the court. Team doctors revealed it was a torn ACL, and Rose’s playoffs – and the entirety of the following season – were tossed out the window.

He would return in 2013, only to tear the meniscus in his right knee ten games into the season, sidelining him for the rest of the year. Derrick would come back the following year, playing 46 games this time until he would tear the meniscus in the same knee, sitting out 20 games before returning at the end of the season.

Rose would put the Bulls up 2-1 against the Cavaliers in the semifinals with a buzzer beater, giving fans a glimpse of vintage Rose, but the Bulls would lose their next 3. The 2015-16 season would be his final season with the Bulls and his first season without a major injury since 2012. However, the season was riddled with minor injuries that caused his to miss 16 games collectively.

As we know Derrick Rose spent this season in New York. A change of setting was needed for Rose who was battling sexual assault allegations, and Chicago fans who were tired of their team paying the PG millions to sit on the bench. Rose played solid basketball this season, averaging 18 ppg, and 4.4 assists, and just when it looked like he’d play two consecutive seasons without a major injury, last night happened.

Playing the Boston Celtics at home Rose tore the meniscus in his left knee, finishing his inaugural season with the Knicks, who he’d planned on returning to as a free agent next year. Now, with this latest injury, all of that is in question. Will the Knicks still want him; will anyone want him? Should he just retire?

Time will tell, but for now, all we can do is watch 2010-11 Derrick Rose highlights, and imagine what could have been…


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