More Records for Russ; Chef Curry Cooks the Spurs…

Last night was just another day in the office for Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook. Both teams needed wins, the Warriors in order to hold the Spurs off from taking their spot at #1, and the Thunder to clinch their spot in the playoffs. They did just that.

Down 22 points in the first quarter Curry would lead the Warriors back to win the game 110-98. He scored 29 points, hitting four threes and dishing out 11 assists. It was a huge win, even bigger considering the fact that they’d just come off a win against the Rockets. With back to back wins against the best in the West, without Kevin Durant, it’s safe to say they are the team to beat.

Here’s Curry’s highlights from last night:

For the Thunder, a win clinched a playoff berth and protected their spot at the sixth seed. The Grizzlies are only 2.5 games back from the Thunder so every win counts at this point. OKC is also only one win away from passing the Clippers for the 5th seed. A move forward would definitely help Westbrook’s MVP hopes.

He was in MVP form last night.

Russ scored 57 points, grabbed 13 rebounds, and dished out 11 assists. It was his 38th triple-double and the highest scoring triple-double of all-time. This coming just a week after he had the first “perfect” triple-double going 6-6 from the field. Westbrook had a ridiculous second-half with 36 points, 9 rebounds, and 7 assists. He capped it off with a 31-foot 3 pointer to send the game into over-time where the Thunder would go on to win 114-106. This just one game after he hit the game winner against the Mavericks!

Here’s Westbrook’s highlights from last night. His game-tying 3 pointer is around the 6 minute mark.

It was a big night for two of the leagues best players, with Curry and the Warriors continuing to roll through the league for the 3rd straight season, and Westbrook continuing to carry the load in OKC. If the Thunder do manage to snag the 5th seed we could see a Thunder-Warriors rematch, this time with Durant on the other side of the court. Who doesn’t want to see that?



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