Devin Booker Scores 70…Seriously!

Down 66-43 at half-time, The Phoenix Suns just kept passing Devin Booker the ball; he responded with a lot of points, and i mean A LOT of points. His efforts came up short, the Suns losing 130-120, but not before he dropped 70 points. It was the most points an NBA player had scored in a game since Kobe’s 81, and this kid can’t even legally drink a beer yet! He joins an elite brotherhood with Wilt, Kobe, Elgin Baylor, and David Robinson the only other players to top 70 in a game.

Take a look at his stats from last night:

Devin Booker 70 points.png

For those of us who follow the NBA religiously, we’ve heard of Devin Booker; he’s been on a lot of our radars since he played for the Kentucky Wildcats. If you are a casual fan though, this is probably the first that you’ve heard of him. This is just his second season in the NBA, don’t forget that last year as a rookie he was the youngest player in the league.

He was mostly overshadowed by fellow Wildcat Karl Anthony-Towns (Minnesota Timberwolves), but Booker had a great rookie season, which he’s followed up with a great sophomore season. He’s averaging 21.6 ppg, leading the suns in scoring. Coming into the league we knew he was a good scorer but last nights performance proved that he will be a great scorer.

He scored 70 points, 51 of those coming in the second-half! Even more crazy is the fact that he had 54 points going into the last 3 minutes of the game. He’d go on to score 16 points in the final 2 minutes and 19 seconds!

If this was your first time hearing of Devin Booker I’d definitely keep an eye on him going forward, who knows, he could be the next Kobe…


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