Are Ben Simmons-LeBron James Comparisons Fair?

Ben Simmons was extremely hyped coming out of Australia to LSU. Standing at 6’10” with incredible athleticism he possessed a rare set of skills, that not too many others his size have to offer. Ben Simmons had an impressive Freshman year, averaging 19.2 ppg, 11.8 rpg, and 4.8 apg. He drew comparisons to LeBron James very early on, due to his size, athleticism, and vision. All traits that are trademarks of LeBron James, so is it totally unfair to make comparisons between the two?

Ben Simmons hasn’t had a breakout game in the summer league yet, but he has been turning heads. The 6’10” forward is averaging 8 ppg, 7.5 rpg, and a summer league leading 5.5 apg. That is what has been so impressive about Ben Simmons. In his 2 summer league games so far, he has dazzled fans with “Magic Johnson Type” passes, and incredible versatility. I think it is fair to say, that he is the most versatile player since LeBron James.

Simmons will have a similar effect on the game, as well. He is so hard to guard because he is too big for a guard to defend, and too quick for most players his size. Double teaming him is also a risk, because of his high basketball I.Q. If you double him, more often than not, he will find the open man. Like LeBron, Ben Simmons makes everyone around him better, and that is something that will help these young 76ers flourish.

While they do have many similar attributes, and similar size, Ben Simmons has a long way to go until these comparisons can be justified. However, the potential is there. Ben Simmons has a lot of raw talent that needs polishing, but he also has a feel for the game, that most people work their whole careers to find. Can Ben Simmons have a similar effect on the woeful 76ers as LeBron had on the Cavaliers? Only time will tell, but i see a bright future in ‘Philly’.


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