5 Reasons the ‘Wolves’ Need to Trade Rubio

The Timberwolves have been in “rebuilding mode” for some time now, searching for answers since Kevin Garnett left the team in 2007. After countless struggles, and wasted draft picks, they now have back-to-back Rookie of the Year winners, Andrew Wiggins, and Karl Anthony-Towns leading the way, and it appears that Minnesota finally has the pieces in place to make a run at the playoffs. There are still some uncertainties, however, as the Wolves try to figure out what to do with Ricky Rubio, who signed a 4 year extension last year.

Here’s 5 reasons the Wolves should trade Rubio:

1. He has improved very little over the course of his career.


As you can see above, Rubio has been in the league for 5 years, and in that time has improved very little. His PPG average has ranged from 9.5-10.7, with a dreadful FG% of 37%. The story is the same for every other major statistical category. Rubio is a solid point guard, but to me he is a career backup. The Wolves have waited and waited for his shot to come around, but Rubio’s scoring game just isn’t there, nor will it ever be.

2. The Game is Changing 

The modern day point guard is different than it used to be. Point guards used to be the John Stockton type: pass first, and shoot later. The old school point guard just had to get the ball up the court and into the best players hands. However, as the game has evolved, and the point guards become more and more athletic, that just isn’t the case anymore. Now you have guys like Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook, Damian Lillard, John Wall, Kemba Walker, Isiah Thomas, Kyle Lowry, Kyrie Irving, and Chris paul. The modern day point guard is either unbelievably athletic, a great scorer,  a great shooter, a great defender, a great ball handler, or in most cases, a combination of all of the above. The players i listed off are easily some of the best players in the league, with a few being in the top 10. It is clear that the point guard position has evolved and Rubio just doesn’t fit the mold.

3. Rubio is still worth something

Ricky Rubio may struggle with his shooting, and overall scoring ability, but he is still one of the best passers in the league. Not only that, but his ability to create turnovers would be valued by any team. Rubio is only 25 and still has a lot to give, but he just doesn’t fit the Timberwolves. I think they need to trade him while he is still worth something.

4. Kris Dunn balled out in his debut

Kris Dunn was a highlight machine in his summer league debut, scoring 27 points, and nabbing 3 steals. The performance was highlighted by an ankle breaking crossover on Jakarr Sampson. Kris Dunn looked very solid in his first outing, showing off his great handle, as well as his ability to attack the rim. He forced his shot occasionally, but he also made a handful of jumpers. Kris Dunn was most impressive on the defensive end. At 6’4″ with a 6’10” wingspan, Kris Dunn has the size, length, and athleticism to guard the elite point guards in the league. He is already the early favorite for starting point guard.

5. They Already Have Tyus Jones

Will the Wolves miss Rubio’s vision? Possibly; but there is one guy that could help them forget: Tyus Jones. Tyus isn’t the most athletic guy in the league (not even close), but he does have one of the highest basketball I.Q.’s. Tyus was also very impressive in the first summer league game of the season scoring 12 points, grabbing 10 rebounds, and dishing 4 assists. Tyus is a very fundamentally sound point guard, who also has the ability to shoot. He will fit the back-up role very nicely behind Kris Dunn.


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