Tim Duncan and Dirk Nowitzki: The Last of a Dying Breed?

Just when we thought the Free Agency couldn’t get more shocking… it did. After 13 seasons in Miami, and 3 championships, Dwayne Wade has moved on. Dwayne will sign a 2 year/$47.5 million contract with his hometown team, the Chicago Bulls. Wade wanted that ‘Kobe Bryant’ contract, but it wasn’t in Miami’s inter
est. Miami fans are angry because they feel the organization owed it to Wade, after everything he had done for them; on the other hand, Heat fans are mad because Wade left for money. Plain and simple. A move that none of us expected. It leaves us asking, does player loyalty even exists anymore, or will we see a new stars jersey get


Yes, Dwayne Wade has taken pay cuts, for the sake of winning titles with Chris Bosh, and LeBron James. However, this year isn’t the same. The Heat have minimal chances at winning the title, and appear to be in full rebuilding mode. I think Wade realized that he wouldn’t win another title in what is left of his career, so he made a business decision. It appears to be the new trend in the NBA: Show me the rings, or show me the money.

Player loyalty is dead.

Take Dirk Nowitzki for example; here’s a guy who has sacrificed up to $78.7 Million, since 2010, to stay in Dallas (according to sportsDayDFW). Dirk Nowitzki has been beyond loyal to his franchise, something that has become a rarity. This is the Dallas Mavericks we are talking about, a franchise that has failed to surround him with a championship cast season, after season. Yet he stays. They haven’t shown him the money, and in his 18 years have only shown him one ring (mostly thanks to Dirk himself).

Kobe and Tim Duncan are other examples that come to mind when speaking of player-franchise loyalty, but they both won 5 championships, which couldn’t have made it too hard to stick around. Not to mention the fact that the Lakers awarded Kobe with fat contracts. Perhaps it’s the franchises to. The Heat totally abandoned Dwayne Wade as far as I am concerned. Is franchise loyalty a thing of the past as well?


Thanks for the 3 championships…..?

‘The times are a changin’ NBA fans, whether we like it or not; and with all this ‘new money’ floating around, the league has become more of a business than it ever has been. The Dwayne Wade fiasco might just be the final sign that the days of player loyalty, and franchise loyalty, are long gone.


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