Are Super Teams Hurting the NBA? 

It all began with the ’07 Celtics. Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen were running out of time, and the Timberwolves, and Super Sonics weren’t going to give them rings any time soon. So what did they do? 

They made a decision, that hurt the league.

They joined forces with Paul Pierce on the Celtics and were dubbed “The Big 3”. No one could blame them for the move. Ray Allen was 31, Kevin Garnett was 30, and Paul Pierce was 30 as well. With only a few years left in their primes, they joined forces and took the league by storm. The success was instant. They went 66-16 and went on to beat the Los Angeles Lakers 4-2 in the Finals. Giving “the Big 3” their first title, proving that the move was a good one. 

Since the success of the 2007-08 Celtics, having a “Big 3” has been all the hype in the league. Next came LeBron James who shocked the world, leaving the lowly Cleveland Cavalier’s, and joining forces with All-Stars Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh. 

The move proved beneficial, as the Heat went to four straight NBA Finals, winning two. After losing to the Spurs in 2014, LeBron again left, joining forces with a new All-Star tandem in Cleveland: Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving. Since the transition, the Cavalier’s have gone to two straight finals winning one this year. 

Now, as we saw yesterday, Kevin Durant, who is yet to win a ring, joined forces with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. Forming a “Big 4” with the Warriors. Is this going to be all the craze now? Will a few teams in the league follow suit?

What I can’t stand about the move is that it defeats the purpose of Sports: Competition. It defeats the purpose simply because there is no competition. Everyone knows who’s going to be in the Finals this year. Kevin Durant himself, said it best 6 years ago:

The whole philosophy of the NBA has changed. It used to be about building Championships, and earning them; now it’s all about buying championships. It has completely ruined the league, erasing competition, and making every season predictable. It is the “bought teams” verses “the rebuilding teams” and sadly, the bought teams will always win. 


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