Kevin Durant Chooses The Bay; Shocks the World.

Kevin Durant has decided to take his talents to the Bay Area this fall, as he is expected to sign a 2 year/$54.3 million contract with the Warriors. It is a move that most of us expected, yet refused to believe. The Warriors, who went 73-9 last year, lost Harrison Barnes at Small Forward, but gain a whole lot more in Kevin Durant. So what does this mean for the rest of the league? Is there even a point in playing next season, or should we just crown the Warriors right now?

I’ve got to say, as a longtime Kevin Durant fan, and OKC fan, i am shocked by the decision, but i understand why it was made. It goes back to the old phrase, “if you can’t beat em’, join em'”. The Thunder blew a 3-1 lead over the Warriors in the WCF immediately making us wonder what Kevin Durant would do in the off season. I know that this decision will now make Kevin Durant, one of the most loved players in the NBA, public enemy number 1, as he joins the most hated team in the NBA.

Kevin Durant was easily the biggest Free Agent since LeBron in 2010, and he followed similar suit. After years of disappointment in Oklahoma, Kevin left the little town for the big city, in search of more opportunity. OKC fans can’t be mad though, Kevin gave the city everything he had, including a trip to the NBA Finals in 2012, and four trips to the WCF.

Kevin Durant, the 2013-14 MVP, and four time scoring champ, obviously brings a lot to the table with the Warriors. The only question, with any of these big 3’s, is how quickly they will be able to mesh together. There is no question that the trio’s shot attempts will be reduced slightly, however, Kevin will still put up big numbers, with less defensive pressure.

Curry, Klay, and Durant averaged a combined 80.6 ppg last season, making a combined 864 three pointers! Steph, and Klay ranked as the top two in three pointers made, while Kevin Durant ranked 11th. The ‘Splash Bro’s’ just turned into the ‘Splash Trio’.

The Warriors who already had the two best shooters in the NBA just added arguably the best scorer as well. Kevin Durant has the 3rd highest career ppg average next to Wilt Chamberlain and Michael Jordan (27.4 ppg).
With this much offensive power on the court, complimented by the one of the best benches in the NBA, is there anyone that can stop the Warriors?  

If they weren’t already, the Golden State Warriors are clearly the 2017 NBA Finals favorites.



2 thoughts on “Kevin Durant Chooses The Bay; Shocks the World.

  1. GSW added Durant but got weaker on defense. They traded Bogut and now they have no rim protector. They will be hard to beat but a well rounded defensive team could maybe hang with them.


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