Best Decision for KD

The free agency frenzy has began. Kevin Durant, the biggest player since LeBron James to hit the market, has been pursued by a lot of big name teams, but what’s the best option?

For Kevin Durant his choice won’t be an easy one. He obviously wants to be on a team where his chances of winning that coveted ring are high, but he also wants to be able to be the go-to-guy. Let’s be frank here, Kevin has played next to a selfish ball hungry teammate for most of his career, Russell Westbrook, and I think he is ready to move on.

Kevin could join forces with some  very powerful teams, but what he has to keep in mind is his legacy. Even if he does win a ring with a powerhouse team, the same things LeBron heard in Miami will haunt Kevin. Notice that LeBron didn’t get his respect till he truly earned a championship in Cleveland.

Most analysts are saying that the Warriors are his best choice. Obviously joining forces with Klay, and Steph are almost an automatic Championship, but is it really his best choice?

Durant would be the 2nd option on this team. A team that truly has an endless supply of options. Does Kevin really want to take a backseat to a point guard once again? Let’s remember, that MVP’s are important to one’s legacy, and I just don’t see Kevin winning any MVP’s on that Warriors team.

No, Kevin needs to find a team, where he will be the main priority, and an organization that will build around him. If Kevin goes to the Warriors, who do have almost $20 million in cap space, to me that is a cop out.

I believe Kevin’s best choice for his legacy, is the Miami Heat. Sure, they aren’t the favorites in the East, but with Kevin Durant, their chances would improve. Now, there are a lot of questions for the Heat, that is true. Will talented big man Hassan Whiteside stay or leave? Will Chris Bosh ever play again? These are all big questions that may make Miami a less appealing choice, especially for a guy as ring hungry as Kevin Durant is.

However, look on the bright side. They still have Dwayne Wade, who may be on the downside of his career, but still played very good basketball last year. He will still make for a great running mate. Not to mention the Heat have talented point guard Goran Dragic running the show. A guy who is very shifty, and great at scoring. Even bigger though, he is willing to give the ball up. Also Justise Winslow is a young, dynamic wing player that would fit great along side Durant.

However, the biggest reason i believe he should go to Miami is Pat Riley. He has put together a superteam before, and there is no question in my mind that he could do it again. We saw what he did for LeBron, he put him alongside Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade, and he surrounded him with talented role players.

There is no question in my mind that Pat would do everything, and anything, in his power to make Kevin a champion. While it may not be his best choice, I think it finally let’s him be the go-to-guy, and play for one of the best organizations in sports. Kevin must look at the bigger picture when making his decision, and if he does, I believe he will join forces with Wade.


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