The King Never Left

After a completely embarrassing Game 4 effort from the Cav’s I was almost sure that the series was over. The Cav’s looked like a team that had never played together. There was little to no chemistry, and even their best player, LeBron James struggled at times. In the first four games of the series, LeBron had 23 turnovers, including game’s 2 & 4 where he turned it over 7 times in each game. He also shot an awful 5-16 from three point land. He was settling for jumpers, and not attacking the basket. This combined with some stellar play from the Golden State Warriors led to the Cav’s facing a 3-1 deficit. Those first 4 games are all but forgotten now, as the series is tied 3-3, thanks to some all-time great play from LeBron in game’s 5 & 6.

At the age of 31 he is still doing big things, as he has continued to dominate the league, despite the fact that many had placed Stephen Curry above him (Not me). Clearly the best all-round player in the league, if not the best ever, he has been filling the stat sheet up in nearly every way possible, leading the Cavaliers in every major statistical category in the postseason.

This is truly a testament of how dominant he has been, and how valuable he is to the Cavaliers. I remember just a few weeks ago, when the MVP award was called into question. Is it the best player on the best team? Or, is it the Most Valuable Player? I think when we look at it in terms of who is the most valuable, there is no doubt in my mind that it is LeBron James. Now, don’t get me wrong, Stephen Curry will go down as one of the best to do it, but he was grossly overrated by many NBA analysts.

Stephen has always been a great shooter, arguably the greatest shooter ever, but that is about where you can draw the line at. We have seen in several instances, when Curry has a bad game, someone steps up. Klay Thompson saved the Warrirors season in Game 6 vs. the Thunder, hitting a playoff record 11 three’s, in Game 1 of the NBA finals Curry only scored 11 points and his bench stepped up and scored 45; in game 2 Curry only scored 18 points, and it was Draymond Green who stepped up and put in 28. Granted, Curry did have a phenomenal game 4, scoring 38 points, but that has been his highlight in a otherwise, disappointing NBA finals effort.

I think it is clear who is more valuable to their team. The Warriors have ‘Strength in Numbers’ and the Cav’s have Kyrie and LeBron, which was okay in game 5, as the duo scored 82 of the Cav’s 112 points. J.R. Smith can be a great asset as well, but he is arguably the streakiest shooter in the NBA. You never really know which J.R. Smith you will get on game day.

I think this series has woken a lot of people up. They gave into the “hype monster” that is ESPN, and forgot about the best player in the league: LeBron James. They became entranced with the magnificent shooting of Stephen Curry and forgot all about the King. Game’s 5 & 6 were a wake up call, to say the least. As the Cav’s tied the series, and LeBron had back to back 41 point games.

His last two games he has posted 82 points, 24 rebounds, 18 assists, 7 steals, and 6 blocks. More importantly he’s only turned the ball over a combined 3 times, and he’s shot much better from the arch making 7-14. He joins Rick Barry, Jerry West, Shaquille O’neal, and Michael Jordan, as the only players to have back to back 40 point games in the Finals. There is no question that this has been one of the most dominant Finals performances ever, as proven by “ESPN Stats & Info”.

Stephen Curry had 30 points of his own in the game despite struggling with foul trouble throughout the game. He fouled out late in the 4th quarter, throwing his mouth guard in anger, getting ejected from the game. With emotions running high going into Game 7 it will surly be an all out brawl. Curry has to be fired up.

Game 7 is on Sunday.

You have the two best players in the league, the team with the best regular season ever, Kyrie Irving, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and a whole lot of drama; what isn’t there to love about that? Even if the Cav’s lose Game 7, there is no doubting who deserves the MVP, or who the King of the league is.



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