Unpredictably Predictable

The Warriors have done it again. Last night they became just the 10th team in NBA history to comeback from a 3-1 deficit, as they buried the resilient Oklahoma City Thunder. It was a hard fought series that seemed to be just within OKC’s grasp in games 5,6, and 7; but they just couldn’t get over the hump. Like game 6, the Thunder looked great in the first half leading 48-42, but another explosive 3rd quarter gave the Warriors the lead, out scoring Oklahoma 29-12 in the quarter. They would never look back.

It was a repeat of game 6: the Thunder starting the game hot, only to lose their momentum in the second half due to a flurry of Golden State 3 pointers. The simple fact stands that you can’t match 3 pointers with 2 pointers, and expect to win. Especially when the Warriors are making them at the volume that they are capable of. Klay Thompson hit 6 three pointers in the contest, while Curry made 7, giving the duo enough to break the individual record for most 3’s in a series, which was 28. Curry made 32, while Klay made 30.

The Thunder tried to keep up with the Warriors flurry of 2nd half 3’s, but the fact of the matter is, that the Thunder just aren’t a 3 point shooting team. The Warriors made 10 more 3’s than the Thunder (17 to the Thunder’s 7), and that was the difference in the last 3 game’s. The Warriors found their stroke again, and the Thunder paid the price.

Reggie Miller made a comment late in the game that i thought was very true. He said, “I’m not liking the body language of these Thunder right now”. The Thunder were in striking distance at that point but their body language would have told you a different story. Guys were bickering at each other, hanging their heads, and practically laying down on the court. In the end the Warriors wanted it more.

Durant and Westbrook tried to keep their team’s finals dreams alive, but to no avail. Westbrook had another dreadful performance in game 7, scoring just 19 points on 7-21 shooting, often forcing the issue. Kevin Durant, who also had a terrible shooting performance in game 6, was not aggressive enough in game 7. He often differed to Westbrook, or even Dion Waiters, which is something that a superstar of his caliber just can’t do. He scored 27 points on 10-19 shooting. Maybe the OKC critics are right; maybe Westbrook and Durant just cannot be on the same team together. They meshed well in the first 4 games, but in the last 3 they looked like the duo of old. With Durant entering free agency, you’ve got to wonder, was this the last we will see of the Thunder duo?

We are now left with the match-up that we saw coming. The very anticipated rematch of last years Finals: between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. There was a second there where every NBA fan, and analyst had a sliver of doubt that the match-up would happen, but hey, the Warriors have been doing the impossible all season. No one predicted that the WCF would go to 7 games, and i tip my hat to OKC for their fight, and heart in the series, but the better team won. If there is any team that can match Golden States shooting it’s the Cavs, who made 15 three pointers in four straight games, the first in NBA history to do so. Needless to say, it should be a shoot out (pun intended). On to the Finals!


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