A Day To Remember for the NBA

The End of One Legacy, and the Blossoming of Another.

Kobe Bryant leaves behind a storied legacy, and not too far from Los Angeles, a storied legacy is blossoming.

I don’t think anyone expected 60 points from Kobe last night… But is it really that unbelievable? Kobe Bryant has a killer instinct only surpassed by Michael Jordan.

Kobe took 50 shots! 50 shots! An absolute ridiculous display of heart and passion. Not many players in their prime could put up that many shots in a game, let alone a 37 year old in his 20th season.

Kobe shot 44% and gave LA fans one last show, in what was arguably the greatest individual performance in a last career game, ever. Kobe, will surely be missed for years to come.


Now I have to say; Stephen Curry and the Warriors did something I didn’t think was possible before this season.

Steph crushed his own record hitting over 400 three pointers this season, and the Warriors broke the seemingly unbreakable record set by the bulls in 1996, by going 73-9.

Many of us spent the whole season doubting the warriors legitimacy, many calling last year’s title a fluke. I was one of their biggest critics, but after several huge wins and gusty performances by Stephen Curry, I think we can all agree on two things:

Stephen Curry is the best shooter the game has ever seen, and the Warriors have the best regular season record ever.

But. The Warriors need to win the championship to claim their title as the best team ever.

The Bulls beat the Sonics who are ranked in the top 5 of the best teams to ever play in the NBA finals… the 96 Bulls being the number one team.

The Warriors have done something truly remarkable, but their journey is just beginning! The Spurs are no joke in the playoffs, and it seems inevitable that LeBron James will find himself in his 6th straight NBA finals. There is a lot standing between The Warriors and their place on the throne of NBA teams, but they have shown their resilience all season long.

Let the playoffs begin!


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