What Is The Right Move For the Timber Wolves going Forward?

jmp 004 Timberwolves draft

New Minnesota Timberwolves guard Tyus Jones from Apple Valley talks at a news conference Friday, June 26, 2015. (Pioneer Press: Jean Pieri)

As good as Ricky Rubio is at running the Point Guard position, I have always felt that he just wasn’t the right fit for the Wolves.

What the Wolves need, and have needed desperately for the last decade was a Point Guard who could run the show, but also score when he was called upon. Tyus Jones has shown that he could be just that in his High School Career, as well as his collegiate career where he really separated himself as one of the best PG’s to enter the draft.

Of course size has always been the issue with Tyus, as well as his athleticism or lack there of, but the Wolves don’t need a Westbrook or Lillard at Point Guard. With scoring options like Zach Lavine, Andrew Wiggins, Karl Anthony-Towns, as well as six man Shabazz Muhammad, the Wolves are not short on offensive weapons. However, i believe that the one thing missing is that point guard with the ability to shoot threes. It would take immense pressure off of every one else.

I think Tyus Jones is exactly what they need at the point. He can shoot for one, and I believe that he can be just as good of a facilitator as Rubio, possibly better.

It’s clear to everyone right now that with Karl Anthony-Towns, Andrew Wiggins, Zach Lavine, Shabazz Muhammad, and Gorgei Dieng. This may be the team of the future. I feel like Tyus is the right fit for point guard in that line up as soon as next year.

We will see what they do moving forward, but I think they drafted Tyus for a reason, and that’s not to warm the bench.


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